Make a difference

The work done by The Big Hand in favour of children and the communities who live below the poverty threshold is based on the effort and dedication of the volunteers who, anonymously, give 100% and that gives us the courage to never give up, through the promotion of numerous initiatives.

How to participate

  • Organize an event for fund raising;
  • Disseminate our work in your local community, among your friends and colleagues;
  • Invite your friends and family to sponsor one of our children;
  • Add TheBigHand.org to your favourites on Facebook and share the page with your contacts on your wall;
  • Receive our e-newsletter and forward to your contacts;
  • Add the Big Hand website (www.thebighand.org) to the signing off of your e-mails;
  • Be a volunteer on the ground, submit your application.

Inspire yourself…
Surround yourself with the best people
and make it happen!

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Thank You

For making the difference!