Donations / Sponsorship

Be part of the Big Hand effort to build, maintain and improve social equipment such as schools, waterholes, libraries and bicycle ambulances that ensure a better future to thousands of people.

We will direct your donation to where the need is greatest among our child-centred community development projects. What you donate will certainly make a difference in children’s lives.

We will issue a receipt for your donation so that you can deduct it from your IRS.

Be part of the Programme to Support Children at Risk which aims to help improve the quality of life of hundreds of orphans and vulnerable children.

Reach out to a child in a developing country and give hope a name.

Are you thinking about how you can make a real and lasting contribution to improve the lives of children around the world? Sponsor a child today.

Reach out to a child and help an entire village escape poverty.

The sponsorship of children is the most direct and personal way to make a difference in the life of a child, a family and a community. Through regular contact and the exchange of photos and letters with the sponsored child, you can witness how your contribution makes a difference.

All we need is less than 1 euro per day, only €25 per month.

Contribute to changing the world by sponsoring a child.

Because children are first, sponsor a child today.

We will issue a receipt for your donation so that you can deduct from your IRS.

Where does your donation go?

  • Administration, operations and funding costs
  • Support to programs that benefit children and families

What we do

The Big Hand believes that all children deserve an opportunity and that only by helping all children of the village is it possible to break the cycle of poverty in which they live in. Therefore, The Big Hand operates at 3 levels:

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