The Big Hand

Who are we

The Big Hand is a non-governmental organization for the development that promotes the well-being of children living in unfavourable conditions, with special attention to orphan girls, ensuring their access to education, healthcare and nutrition, water and basic sanitation. Through a child centred model, The Big Hand builds schools, invests in equipment, in the training of teachers and develops, in partnership with local actors, inclusive programs that aim to prepare the children for the challenges of life in close liaison with the community where they live.
The Big Hand is a transparent institution in its processes, of citizens for citizens, and is open to any person or entity who wants to help us to change the world.


Manica Province

We belive that children educated in a healthy environment will change the world.

Our vision

The Big Hand believes that children educated in a healthy environment will change the world. We believe in a world where all children will be treated with dignity guaranteeing them protection, nutrition, water, sanitation, health, shelter, information and quality education that enables them to reach their full potential and thus contribute to their community and to the world.

Our mission

The Big Hand is an organization of citizens who want to contribute to the development of the communities in which it operates in, through its child centred pedagogical model. It works in partnership with local communities and organizations and builds 'Child-friendly schools' based on UNICEF best practices.


Children benefit from the support of The Big Hand

Thank You

For making the difference!