Rotary Club of Agueda contributes to classrooms in Messica

Press | Rotary Club of Águeda

The Rotary Club of Águeda, contributed to the construction and equipment of classrooms with a donation of 300 euros, benefitting needy communities in Messica, Mozambique, seeking to make the difference in the life of these children.

This was a challenge posed by the Spouses’ Project of the 1970 Rotary District, in partnership with The Big Hand – The Children First, a nongovernmental development organization that promotes the well-being of children living in unfavourable conditions, thereby ensuring access to education, necessary health care and nutrition, water, and sanitation. This donation, which may at first seem small, will be part of a joint effort that will enable the achievement of the intended goal.

Through a child-centred model, this NGO builds schools, invests in equipment, teacher training and develops in partnership with local agents, inclusive programmes that aim to prepare children for the challenges they will face throughout their lives, in close connection with the community in which they live in.

With the belief that children educated in a healthy environment will change the world, and where all children will be treated with dignity, ensuring access to: protection, nutrition, water, sanitation, health, shelter, information, and education of quality that will enable them to reach their full potential and thus contribute to their community and to the world, the Rotary Club of Águeda embraced this project.

“Unfortunately, around 70 million children do not go to school and, on the other hand, more than 50% of those children are in sub-Saharan Africa, in other words, it is in fact poverty and the lack of resources that keep the children away from school” stated the President of the Rotary Club of Águeda, Carlos Franco. “The construction and improvement of schools, libraries, the training of teachers, and the provision of a clean and safe environment, are crucial for children,” he reminded and warned, highlighting the sensitivity that the Rotary Movement has for these causes.