The first public school in the city of Chimoio


In 2015, The Big Hand built two classrooms in the Nhaurir school that were handed over to the School Board with the dream of becoming the first public school providing those most disadvantaged with access to pre-school education.

Since that date the commitment of the School Board, Association of Parents, governmental institutions and NGO partners led to the Nhaurir school in 2018, becoming officially the first free and public school in the city of Chimoio with approximately 70 children.

There is still a long way to go in improving processes, but with your precious help it has already been possible to equip and distribute educational material. For next year we hope to have a full time Big Hand monitor, to increase the number of children benefiting from preschool education and to improve infrastructure.

Thanks to everyone for allowing us to create opportunities and Godmother Carolina who on her birthday asked friends to donate gifts to the Big Hand and thus it was possible to contribute with school material for the School.